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Club Station

The club station, W2CXM, is located in the North Tower of Barton Hall. All licensed club members may use the equipment in the station, 24 hours a day. The station is active on 80-10 meters, SSB and CW, and on 2 meters/70 cm, all modes. Occasionally, the station is also active in contests or Field Day. Currently, the club is in the process of rebuilding after a construction project. We now have HF stations on the air with two antennas, and are working on a satellite set up to help support CubeSats

Current station equipment on HF includes a Kenwood TS-2000, Icom 746, a HB9 vertical for Multiple Bands, and a Force 12 CX4 yagi at 100' for 10-40 meters.

VHF station equipment includes a Kenwood TS-790 UHF/VHF all-mode transceiver and several 2 meter and 440 MHz directional antennas.

The club also operates a 2 meter APRS Digipeater, and a 2 meter repeater at 146.610Mhz -600 offset with no tone.



Mast/Tower Type Bands Usage Model Cable label Radio
APRS Vertical 2m, 70cm APRS ? (2) Blue Into splitter. VHF on APRS. UHF Unused.
Beam & Receive Loop Beam 6m Available ? (3) Blue Rotator - Radio Shack 15-1245
Loop HF Receive loop Wellbrook ALA1530LNPro (5) Blue Kenwood TS-2000 receive port
DR Vertical Vertical 6m-80m Disaster Recovery Butternut HF9 (3) Red Kenwood TS-2000 ant1 via tuner
Satellite Beam 2m Satellite KLM 2M-14C (1) Green Kenwood TS-2000
Helical 70cm Satellite M2 436cp30 with SSB SP-7000 Pre-amp (2) Green Kenwood TS-2000
HF Beam Beam 20m HF DX Force 12 CX4 (2) Red DX Station
40m HF DX (1) Red DX Station
Facilities Dual-Band Vertical 2m, 70cm Special events & SkyCommand Diamond X50 C2 (6) blue TS-2000 (VHF/UHF splitter) for skycommand except during Special Events
Available (1) Blue Available - former discone
Available (4) Blue Available
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