2013 Skunk Cabbage Classic

The 2013 Skunk Cabbage Classic will be held on Sunday, April 14th. This year the race will be a combined start at 10:00AM and historically we have been “picked up” by 1:00PM or so. Some early stations are picked up by 11:00AM and would be cleared unless other assignments are requested. Working public service events is an excellent way to practice for emergency communications. KC2OYN is requesting all operators meet at the Communication's Trailer at 8:30AM for post assignments and final instructions. The Communication's Trailer will be in the vicinity of Bartel's Hall and Friedman Wrestling Center on Campus Road at Cornell University.

When you sign up for this event, please let KC2OYN know your preference for assignments (if any) and if you have any time restrictions. Would you also let KC2OYN know if you will be using an HT or a Mobile Rig.

What to Expect

What we do at these events is provide health and safety communications. Depending upon your equipment you will assigned to a post on the course. (HT with extra batteries (and external antenna if you have one) or Mobile Rigs) We will be reporting the first male and first female runner for the two races. The 10k and ½ marathon runners will have different color bib numbers this year. We also keep track on the visible health of the runners. We do not provide first aid or traffic control. Should you need medical assistance to your location you will need to call 911 from your cell phone and coordinate with the 911 dispatcher to direct them to your location and provide basic information on the individual needing assistance. (Race, Male/Female, Approximate Age, and Medical Condition.) After medical assistance is on the way you will then notify Net Control of the medical situation and that assistance is in route. No names are to be transmitted over the air. Use the runner's number for race participants. Should the individual that is ill/injured not be associated with the event tell Net Control that as well. Should you need law enforcement you will request this assistance through Net Control. We also keep track of the end of the race. You will need to report the last runner back to Net Control. Please do not leave your post until you are released by Net Control.

Be prepared for any weather conditions for that day and dress accordingly. There are no bathroom facilities along the course. Should you need to leave your post for any reason please contact Net Control and call back in upon your return. You may or may not receive snacks and drinks when you are on post. Some people have brought folding chairs to relax during the down time. Most important of all is to relax and enjoy the event! Root on the participants! Some on these participants wear various costumes while running.


Here is a link to show you the layout of the course:

Frequencies to have programmed are as follows:

Frequency Offset PL Tone
Primary 146.610 (-)
Secondary 146.940 (-) 103.5 Hz
Additional 146.970 (-) 103.5 Hz
APRS 144.390 100.0 Hz

Please let KC2OYN know should you have any questions.

Thanks to everyone for your assistance. Let's have another great event!


  • Bill Klinko, KC2OYN
    • * President
    • * Tompkins County Amateur Radio Association
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