Cayuga Trails 50


June 8th, 2013 is the inaugural running of the Cayuga Trails 50.

This is a 50 Mile running race. The participants will run in and out of gorges, pass numerous waterfalls, negotiate creek crossings, and climb 6,500 feet over variable terrain.

The challenge for us will be that there will be only 10 miles of “road” and 40 miles of trails. We will need both mobile and HT operators. (Portable mobile configurations would be great!)

When you sign up for this event, please let KC2OYN know if you have a preference for assignments and if you have any time restrictions.

Would you also let KC2OYN know if you will be using an HT or a Mobile Rig.


Freq Offset PL Description
146.97 - 103.5 Primary
146.94 - 103.5 Secondary
144.39 - 100.0 APRS

What to Expect

What we do at these events is provide health and safety communications. Depending upon your equipment you will assigned to a post on the course. (HT with extra batteries (and external antenna if you have one) or Mobile Rigs) We will be reporting the first male and first female runner for the two races. We also keep track on the visible health of the runners. We do not provide first aid or traffic control. Should you need medical assistance to your location you will need to call 911 from your cell phone and coordinate with the 911 dispatcher to direct them to your location and provide basic information on the individual needing assistance. (Race, Male/Female, Approximate Age, and Medical Condition.) After medical assistance is on the way you will then notify Net Control of the medical situation and that assistance is in route. No names are to be transmitted over the air. Use the runner’s number for race participants. Should the individual that is ill/injured not be associated with the event tell Net Control that as well. Should you need law enforcement you will request this assistance through Net Control. We also keep track of the end of the race. You will need to report the last runner back to Net Control. Please do not leave your post until you are released by Net Control.

Be prepared for any weather conditions for that day and dress accordingly. There are no bathroom facilities along the course. Should you need to leave your post for any reason please contact Net Control and call back in upon your return. You may or may not receive snacks and drinks when you are on post. Some people have brought folding chairs to relax during the down time. Most important of all is to relax and enjoy the event! Root on the participants!

Thank you all for your participation in this event!

Saturday, June 8

Radio operators would need to be at their post 30 minutes prior to Estimated Leader.

Time Overview
05:30 Entrant race-day check-in begins.
05:45 Volunteers to set out breakfast food items (bagels, coffee, etc.) in pavilion.
06:30 iRunFar begins webcast race-day coverage.
06:50 Final call for athlete pre-start check in.
07:00 Race Start w/ blowing of the Ram's Horn.
14:00 Estimated leader arrives. Estimated bulk of finishers will arrive between 15:30 – 18:00.
14:00 – 22:00 Post-Race BBQ from The Piggery w/ potential for band.
19:00 Awards ceremony.
21:00 Course Closed. Remainder of Aid Station supplies filter in. Roads stripped of cones, signs.

Yes, this could be a very long day. However, KC2OYN will tailor your participation to whatever time you may be available. As you see below the participants need to keep to this schedule.

Race Sections

ASSection DistCumulative DistEst Ldr Run TimeEst Ldr Time of DayCutoff Run TimeCutoff Time of Day
01 - Hilltop 3.0 3.0 0:24 07:24 0:45 07:45
02 - Encampment 3.9 6.9 0:50 07:50 1:45 08:45
03 - Hilltop 4.2 11.1 1:22 08:22 2:45 09:45
04 - Old Mill 5.6 16.7 2:06 09:06 4:15 11:15
05 - Old Mill 3.9 20.6 2:34 09:34 5:15 12:15
06 - North Shelter 4.6 25.2 3:10 10:10 6:30 13:30
07 - Hilltop 3.0 28.2 3:34 10:34 7:45 14:45
08 - Encampment 3.9 32.1 4:02 11:02 8:45 15:45
09 - Hilltop 4.2 36.3 4:35 11:35 9:45 16:45
10 - Old Mill 5.6 41.9 5:23 12:23 11:30 18:30
11 - Old Mill 3.9 45.8 5:53 12:53 12:45 19:45
12 - North Shelter (Finish) 4.6 50.4 6:28 13:28 14:00 21:00
Section 1 & 7: North Shelter Start to Hilltop AS
Distance: 3 Miles
Terrain: 0.5 mile park pavement, 2.5 miles trail, 3 creek crossings
Elevation Change: +658', -1' = +657'
Directions: From start proceed 1/2 mile to a left/merge w/ park drive. Cross creek and continue along drive through camp area to a left onto the white-blazed Finger Lakes Trail at 1 mile. Pass beneath Rt. 13/34/96 underpass along mowed park grass. Cross grass parking area to access road and take a quick right into tall grass to continue on Finger Lakes Trail. At 1.3 miles cross over Railroad tracks (look both ways, tracks are active… no Stand By Me re-enactments) and creek to follow. (note: this creek has water year-round, you will get wet). Run the perimeter of the tall-grass meadow to mostly-dry creek crossing into the Lick Brook Preserve. Take a right to follow embankment line next to creek. Pass waterfall at 1.6 miles and take a right onto the blue-blazed Finger Lakes Trail spur. Ascend approximately 500' in the next 1/2 mile to Jersey Hill Rd at 2.1 miles. Cross Jersey Hill Rd to access the orange-blazed Finger Lakes Trail spur. At 2.9 miles you will emerge on King Rd. Hilltop AS will be at the Vance Residence on your left.
Section 2 & 8: Hilltop AS to Encampment AS
Distance: 3.9 Miles
Terrain: 1.3 miles park pavement, 2.6 miles trail
Elevation Change: +169', -652' = +483'
Directions: Turn back on King Rd to pass prior trail exit and, just beyond power lines, take a left to return to the orange-blazed Finger Lakes Trail spur at approximately 0.1 miles. Emerge onto Yaple Rd at approximately 1 mile taking a right followed by immediate left onto Comfort Rd. In 0.1 miles stay left onto Buttermilk State Park access Rd. In approximately 0.2 miles take a left onto gravel path, cross over stone food bridge and continue uphill on park trail. At 2 miles after brief descent on old pavement emerge at Upper Buttermilk paved lot. Keep right and follow upper park road 0.8 miles to emerge at King Rd at 2.8 miles. Cross King Rd and descend on Rim Trail. After descent of 300' in 1/3 mile emerge on paved Park Rd at 3.5 miles. Take a right on Park Rd and run 0.2 miles to a right uphill on gravel wooded path. Run uphill 0.2 miles to Encampment AS at Cabin 7.
Sections 3 & 9: Encampment AS to Hilltop AS
Distance: 4.2 Miles
Terrain: 0.5 miles Park pavement, 3.7 miles trail
Elevation Change: +786', -308' = +478'
Directions: Return down gravel path, left on Park Rd. Pass point of prior exit. At sharp bend in Park Rd stay straight into woods and take a right on the final lower portion of the Rim Trail. Skirt Lower Buttermilk Parking lot, passing vending area, and cross cat walk below Buttermilk Falls at 0.6 miles. Take a left to ascend on Buttermilk's Gorge Trail. At 1.4 miles make a slight right and left on King Rd to enter Bear Trail. Emerge from Bear Trail at 2 miles, keeping right to skirt fields. Cross Upper parking lot and return the way you came earlier around “Lake” Treman, crossing Buttermilk, and following orange-blazed spur trail to King Rd and Hilltop AS.
Sections 4 & 10: Hilltop AS to Old Mill AS
Distance: 5.6 Miles
Terrain: 0.4 miles Park pavement, 5.2 miles trail, 2 creek crossings
Elevation Change: +824', -1023' = -199'
Directions: Return on orange-blazed Finger Lakes Trail Spur to Jersey Hill Crossing at Lick Brook Preserve in 0.8 miles. Proceed downhill on trail approximately 0.2 miles and turn right (do not follow blue-blazes back downhill), following white blazed Finger Lakes Trail to base. Re-pass waterfall and dry creek bed around 1.7 miles and follow field perimeter approximately 0.2 miles to re-cross creek and railroad tracks. Continue to follow Finger Lakes Trail underneath Rt 13/34/96 to re-enter Robert H. Treman State Park. Cross over park road and take left onto/to remain on Finger Lakes Trail. Cross wooded flat and proceed uphill approximately 0.5 miles to Park service road. Take a right to descend on service road through camping/cabin area into Enfield Glen. Parallel creek until Enfield Falls is in view, crossing over creek on catwalk to right. Make right off of catwalk, run out service drive, skirt parking lot to left and access Gorge Trail with left turn at approximately 3.4 miles. Ascend Gorge Trail approximately 1.5 miles to hard right onto Red Pine Trail at approximately 4.9 miles. Ascend 300 feet in 0.35 miles, veering left to remain on Red Pine Trail before descending into and emerging in Sycamore meadow day area. Follow paved path to stone bridge and Pavilion AS on left.
Sections 5 & 11: Old Mill AS to Old Mill AS
Distance: 3.9 Miles
Terrain: 2.9 miles Park, gravel, paved road, 1 mile trail, 1 stream crossing
Elevation Change: +/- 400' Loop
Directions: Return across stone bridge, ascend grassy terraces to right turn merger with utility road. Follow uphill to a left turn to shoulder of Rt 327 at 0.5 miles. Descend 0.4 miles to left turn into upper Park entrance. Make a right onto Woodard Rd at 1.4 miles, a left on Stonehouse Rd at 2.1 miles, and two more lefts on gravel road paralleling creek at 2.8 and 2.9 miles. At approximately 3.2 miles take a left to cross creek on Finger Lakes Trail, emerging by Civilian Conservation Corp memorial rock. Make a left onto blue-blazed Finger Lakes Trail spur, emerging next to Old Mill. Follow paved pedestrian path to right to Pavilion AS on your left.
Sections 6 and 12: Old Mill AS to North Shelter AS/Finish
Distance: 4.6 Miles
Terrain: 0.5 mile Park road, 4.1 miles trail
Elevation Change: +340', -825' = -485'
Directions: Leave Old Mill AS by crossing over stone arch bridge and making a left onto pedestrian path. Descend on Gorge Trail to base of Lucifer Falls. Make a right to cross wood pedestrian bridge and ascend approximately 250' in 0.15 miles on historic stone staircase. Pass Lucifer Falls overlook and take a left onto utility road at approximately 0.9 miles. At approximately 1 mile take a sharp left onto white-blazed Finger Lakes Trail. Remain on trail to descend fully, reaching lower Park paved road at approximately 3.6 miles. Make a left onto Park Rd through camping area, crossing creek, and heading right toward North Shelter AS and Finish. Repeat if at AS, relax if finished.
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