Cornell ARC Meeting 2011-10-25


  • Stephen (President)
  • Alexander (Treasurer)
  • Kevin
  • Alex


  • Discussed how to fix the HF antenna
  • Hooked Disaster Recovery (DR) Equipment to 40m Antenna
  • Began assembly of DR Antenna


HF Antenna

We began by discussing the HF antenna. We were told that the feedlines should all be OK, but the antenna itself has a broken connection. We need a ginrod (weird name for a long pole with a lever on top) to take the antenna down in order to fix it. We also messed around with turning the antenna. The rotor works fine, but the positioning feedback does not, so we can only tell direction by sight. However, the rotor is not terriby responsive. It is possible there is a loose connection on the rotor line as well.

DR Equipment

The disaster equipment has arrived. We hooked it up to the 40 meter equipment. We listened to some stations:

We began assembling the antenna, but ran into issues with not enough equipment (screwdrivers, etc…). We searched some of the closets for tools, but did not find any.


Alex would like to get some of his friends certified. He said he might write up a power point and advertise on the list.


18139 OZ5NJWe attempted to make contact, but he did not appear to be receiving us.
?? KF5EQNSaid he was 20 miles north of New Orleans.
14300 N/AWe can pick up a maritime mobile net
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