Cornell ARC Meeting 2013-2-15


Name Call
Stephen KC2WAB President
Jon KC2WAC Vice-President
Sandy KD2BGR Secretary
Edward AB3NO
Kevin WB2EMS Oracle

The New Net Time

8:00 PM on Mondays will be the weekly net time.

Flyer Candidates

These are the flyer candidates Stephen put together.

The Morse Code Flyer

The Mysterious Flyer

The Simple, Historical Flyer

The Politically Questionable Flyer

The present club members agreed the posters are all clean and bombastic.

Upcoming Contests

March 2nd and 3rd (Saturday/Sunday) is a DX Phone Contest. We would like to take part. Anyone who might be interested should try to keep their schedules clear.

Learning to Build Antennas

Kevin, who has built a number of antennas, has offered to help the club build a J-Pole antenna. This will probably be a weekday evening, to perhaps have an antenna building party on a weekend.

A description of J-Pole antennas can be found at

Action Items

  • Stephen: Clean up and print posters.
  • Jon: Improve the readability and user friendliness of website.
  • Jon: Come up with a net schedule (start with check in, follow up with activities, etc…).
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