Cornell ARC Meeting 2013-2-8


Name Call
Stephen KC2WAB President
Jon KC2WAC Vice-President
Sandy KD2BGR Secretary
Edward AB3NO
Kevin WB2EMS Oracle
Adam KC2ANT Faculty Sponsor
Nicholas First Time!
Tyler First Time!

Student Elections

The constitution says our club need to hold elections at the beginning of spring. However, due to a lack of preferable candidates, the voting members of the club have agreed to delay elections until the club has better options for future club leaders.

Cool Projects Ideas

Morse Transmitters

The goal is to build low-budget, low-commitment transceivers for using Morse in and around Ithaca.

Learning Morse

We could set up weekly meeting times, or transmission times, to help club members learn Morse.


We can hold club parties as a club. We can even include unlicensed members as long as a member with the appropriate license is present.

Amateur Radio Astronomy

Nicholas has documents describing how to set up amateur radio astronomy – mapping the solar system with radio waves, which would be awesome.

Action Items

  • Jon: Schedule a net time via Doodle
  • Sandy: Find a contest, and schedule a contest partaaaay!
  • Stephen: Figure out a way to sell the Morse code idea (read: make a sarcastic/bombastic flyer).
  • Adam: Email Jon the list of local-to-ITH nets
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