Cornell ARC Meeting 2013-3-8


Name Call
Stephen KC2WAB President
Jon KC2WAC Vice-President
Sandy KD2BGR Secretary
Kevin WB3EMS Oracle
Joe W2IFB CW Master
Matthew KF7VEM Rocketry Club Liaison

Change of Leadership

There were not sufficient non-leaders for a meaningful vote today. Next time we get a large turnout, we would like to vote in new leaders.


There is a great deal of paperwork that must be filled out. We are also waiting for the Rocketry Club to get some DR antennas.

CW Kits

The main drawback to the oscillator kits is they don't come with a key. We will be using this kit: We should look into cheap, effective keyers, such as

Learning CW

Joe taught us the rest of the alphabet, along with “.” and “,” and “?” and “/”.

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