Cornell ARC Meeting 2013-9-30


Name Call
Stephen KC2WAB President
Jon KC2WAC Vice-President
Matthew KF7VEM Secretary/Treasurer
Mike AB3NO
Kevin WB2EMS Oracle

Net on Wednesday, 8:00 PM

Issues to discuss

  • 3 PM East Hill Plaza
  • 2 existing Yagis (potentially a third)
  • Bring pole saw –> just in case gets caught in tree.
  • Bring Ladder.
  • Climbing gear.
  • Boots and prepared to hike.
  • .61 for coordination.
  • .94 is down for service (time frame unknown).

Balloon Project

  • Fox hunt on Sunday hard since no DF gear.
  • Don't use mylar ballon –> if land in power lines can cause outages.
  • Move up into known wind steam so we can predict where it will go.
  • All equipment is for 2m band but transmitter is on 70cm.
  • Launching from East Hill Plaza (Could possibly launch from balloon store).
  • Prevailing winds from North West on bearing of about 320 degrees.
  • Balloon will generally go about South East (Binghamton way).
  • Time of launch: 3:00 PM (Sunset at ~ 7:00).
  • Battery last ~ 6 hours (roughly, as of now).
  • Problem with latex balloon –> Latex expands. Mylar –> expand to super point, reach equilibrium and then stay level.
  • There is also the option of plastic balloon.

Action Items

  • $11 to get inflated balloons.
  • Jules will go pick up balloon.
  • Get Gin Pole, Matthew will send this out before Friday.
  • Environmental Health and Safety, Public Safety will need to notified of antenna work.
  • Matthew will talk to professors to advertise for club
  • Matthew will sign up for table in Duffield Hall to advertise for club.

Balloon Mark II

  • Thinking about what materials we need.
  • High altitude and balloon Society has store online
  • APRS beacon and GPS system.
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