Cornell ARC Meeting 2013-4-5


Name Call
Jon KC2WAC President
Stephen KC2WAB Vice-President
Matthew KF7VEM Secretreasurer
Kevin WB3EMS Oracle
Sandy KD2BGR Regular Member
Edward AB3NO Regular Member
Shreesha Looking to get License
Matt Looking to get License
Mike Looking to get License
Dave Looking to get License

Change of Leadership

Last week's meeting was very brief, so I (Sandy) neglected to upload minutes. However, we did change officers! As of now, Jon is the new president, Stephen has moved to the vice-president's office, and Matthew from the radio club has accepted the Secretreasurer position! We look forward to another year of the Cornell Amateur Radio Club.

The Morse Code Kits have arrived!

We are still waiting on the buttons. A soon as we can, we should assemble these kits. They have nice instructions and they come in nicely packed plastic bags.

Skunk Cabbage Run

The Skunk Cabbage Run is next Sunday, April 14th. We would appreciate anyone who has enough time to show up, and we can arrange rides as well. If you don't have a license yet, you can


Spring is here! We want to put on a fox hunt so people can get their direction finding rigs working.

License Acquisition

There are some current and potential club members who are interested in acquiring a license. There isn't any exams in the vicinity coming up soon, but TCARC (who runs most of the nearby exams) might put on an exam if we get enough interested members.

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