Direction Finding

As of 2012, CARC has undertaken a few foxhunts and some of the student members have been excited about getting together and building some direction finding systems.

In essence, the intent is to build a modular system which inter-communicates using standard digital signaling protocols such as CANbus, SPI, I2C, RS-232, or what-have-you.

The system would be broken up into three major subsystems:

  • Direction Finding - Bearing to signal
  • Location Finding - Local Lat/Long and Magnetic Bearing
  • Communication - Display of information or communication to 3rd party using APRS, IrDA, 802.11b, or other system.

Direction Finding

This can take many forms such as a PicoDopp system, a beam, quad, or other directional antenna, or anything else. So long as the system can give a bearing relative to the current heading.

Location Finding

This subsystem would use GPS, celluar towers, or some other positioning system to give lat/long coords, as well as obtaining magnetic bearing information from either GPS or a digital compass.

Potential GPS Modules

Digital Compasses


This system would update a screen of some sort. In a PicoDopp system, this would be the RS-232 link to a computer which is running GoogleHunt or some other software.

One could also imagine transmitting bearing and location information to other DF stations to triangulate a signal.

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