Gin Pole



Design Gin Pole to assist in the raising of the Delta-4XL for repairs:

  • URL: Antenna
  • Weight: 65 lbf.
  • Turning Radius: 23.8 ft.
  • Boom Length: 30 ft.
  • Mast Torque: <900 in/lb.

This page will outline the design process of the Gin Pole. Please leave comments or send me an email at with any feedback you might have.

Safety Factor according for OSHA and Los Alamos National Lab: 5:1


Los Alamos National Lab

We will go with a 10:1 safety factor.

Back of the Napkin Calculations:

See uploaded document for back of the napkin calculations.

CAD Design Renderings:

Top Portion, cantilever, pulley and pole

Gin Pole Attachment SideView

Gin Pole Attachment Top View

SolidWorks Analysis:

Cantilever Analysis_Deflection

  • Max deflection: 6.859e-3 [mm]

Cantilever Analysis_Von Misses

  • Yield Strengthen: 204,807,000 [Pa]
  • Max Sigma: 19,596,430 [Pa]

  • Max Deflection: 2.156e-4 [mm]

  • Yield Strength: 620,422,000 [Pa]
  • Max Sigma: 4,150,496 [Pa]


Cost Analysis:

Assembly Procedure:

1) All gin pole, and both gin pole holders will be pulled up together. Two bolts on each holder will be taken out of each holder so that it can be placed onto the pre-existing structure easily.

2) Remaining bolts will be put into place so that it is clamped onto pre-existing structure.

3) Gin Pole will slide upwards through holders. Holders will act as guide when moving gin pole upwards.

Construction Procedure:

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