2014 Shack Cleanup


In the late 2000s, the W2CXM shack space was closed due to renovations on the university campus, resulting in a temporary hiatus on club activities. Early in the 2010s, the renovations finished, the club space reopened, and new members joined.

We were greeted with a wealth of ham radio gear, antennas, antenna masts, coax cable, and all sorts of odds and ends we didn't know what to do with. We also found almost 100 years of history in the form of QSL cards, awards, issues of QST, manuals, and even old photos, yellowed with age.

We now have the unique opportunity to catalogue, clean up, and organize our shack space which has been a home for many generations of Cornell hams. This wiki page will serve as an informal history of the process.

Team Members

Our very own KD2FOU has undertaken the massive undertaking of cataloging, organizing, and archiving all the information in the club in her new role as club historian/librarian.

Current Projects

  • Antenna Work
    • Diagnose Satellite Array, 2m & 70cm both. (KC2WAC/WB2EMS)
      • Task: Dummy load antenna side to test coax.
      • Task: Direct connect to antenna to test antennas
      • Dependency: Fix altitude rotor/get ladder so we can get to the connections.
    • Fix HF Beam (KC2WAB/Dave)
    • Task: Re-solder the connection on the HF Beam that's broken
    • Dependency: Get the gin pole done.
      • Design (KC2WAB)
      • Manufacture (Dave)
    • Task: Put up the new rotor (that has a working pot)
  • Shack Work
    • Finish setting up TS2000 station (KD2FOU/KC2WAC)
      • Task: Get a DVI Cable (KD2EAT/KD2FOU)
      • Task: Get some sort of crate/board shelving solution (KD2FOU)
      • Task: Get some powerpole gear (KC2WAC)
    • Finish setting up HF Beam station (KD2FOU/KC2WAC)
      • Task: Route power/coax to that location
      • Task: Route rotor controller to that location
      • Task: Set up another antenna tuner (old looking greenish one?)
      • Task: Set up powerpole stuff
      • Dependency: Get some sort of coax routing stuff for the walls
    • Install lightning arrestor equipment for HF Beam/DR Vertical (WB2EMS/KC2WAC)
      • Task: Spec 3x proper polyphasor/antenna switch (WB2EMS)
      • Task: Install polyphasors, cut coax to connect to polyphasors
    • Move APRS Station near UPS (KD2FOU/KC2WAC/KC2ANT/WB2EMS)
      • Task: Route power/coax to that location (KD2FOU/WB2EMS)
      • Task: Clear the table (KD2FOU)
      • Task: Move the APRS/scanner gear (KC2WAC/KC2ANT to ensure correctness)
      • Dependency: Get some sort of coax routing stuff for the walls
    • Set up old-timey radio station (KC2WAC/KDFOU)
      • Task: Route power/coax
      • Task: Pick a cool old-timey radio
  • Repeater Project (KC2WAC/KD2EAT/WB2EMS)
    • Task: Figure out the ID-O-MATIC and NHRC-M2/SC and PiRLP stuff
    • Task: Solder it up!
    • Task: Get it to KD2SL and eat steak
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