The Cornell Amateur Radio Club operates the 146.610, 2 meter repeater. This machine is located on top of Bradfield Hall, on Tower Road, on the Cornell University campus. The repeater easily covers the greater Ithaca area, with very low power required for operation. The repeater is also easily worked from “downtown” Ithaca, including inside many of the restaurants and other buildings. This is an “OPEN” repeater, and all licensed amateurs are welcome to use it (Technician or higher license is required). The repeater is licensed and operated under the club callsign as W2CXM.


The Autopatch is currently non-functional – Mostly due to the construction in the club shack. More to follow. The repeater has an autopatch for making local on and off campus calls. To use it dial:

Code Description
** + [5 digit campus extension] Call a Cornell Campus Number
* + 9 + [local telephone number] Call a Local Ithaca Number
* # Hangs Up

Bradfield Tower

Emergency Dialer

To Access The Emergency Dialer just dial one of the following:

Code Emergency Service
911 Tompkins County Fire & Ambulance
912 New York State Police
913 Tompkins County Sheriff
914 Ithaca Police
915 Cornell Public Safety
916 Cayuga Heights Police
917 Dryden Police
918 Trumansburg Police
919 South Seneca Fire
910 South Seneca Ambulance

NOTE: the shutdown timer on the emergency autodialer is at just under 1800 seconds. Remember to shut it down!

Other Features

Code Feature
5xxxxxDTMF pad test; the repeater will read back what you sent.
39 Time of day.
36 Special ID.
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