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 ====== Resources ====== ====== Resources ======
-===== VE Testing ======+We have resources for:
-VE tests are offered at most hamfests. Whenever you go to a VE test, you need to bring the following:+  * [[resources/​hamradio]] 
 +  * [[resources/​testing]]
-  * Your Social Security Number AND / OR FCC ID number (usually issued with your first license) +Alsowe have some helpful ​[[resources/links|links]] and information on [[resources/​nets|local nets]] as well.
-  * Two photo IDs -- driver'​s licensepassport and Cornell student ID are all acceptable +
-  * Test fee in cash. As of Jan 2005, the standard test fee is $14 US per session +
-  * If upgrading, your original and a photocopy of your current SIGNED FCC amateur radio license and any other necessary documents, such as any CSCE's (Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam) +
-  * A non-programmable calculator, or at least bring the manual so the VEs can see you haven'​t stored any formulas in memory! +
-  * A full brain from studying for your desired exam +
-  * One pen and two sharp #2 pencils with erasers +
- +
-Most VEs are pretty friendly and provide pencils etc. Please follow their instructions exactly, as any break in test protocol may invalidate your new license. And besides, VEs are all volunteers. Nobody gets rich giving ham radio exams! +
- +
-During the Winter, sessions are normally held every other month in 230 Rockefeller Hall on the Cornell campus. For more information,​ contact Doug NE2T at 257-6066 or via email. +
- +
-The TCARC VE Testing web page is [[http://​tcarc-ny.org/​ve-testing.htm|here]]. You might find other local VE test info there. +
- +
-===== Officer Roster ===== +
-|President ​                ​|Stephen Longfield ​     |kc2wab ​[at] w2cxm [dot] org| +
-|Vice President ​           |Jon Tse                |kc2wac [atw2cxm [dotorg| +
-|Secretary ​                ​|Alexander "​Sandy"​ Brady| ​                          | +
-|Treasurer ​                ​|Alexander "​Sandy"​ Brady| ​                          | +
-|Advisor & Callsign Trustee|Adam Mahnke ​           |kc2ant [at] w2cxm [dot] org|+