Cornell ARC Meeting 2013-2-21


Name Call
Stephen KC2WAB President
Jon KC2WAC Vice-President
Sandy KD2BGR Secretary
Kevin WB2EMS Oracle
Lorraine KD2BHD Librarian
Matthew KF7VEM New Member!

New Club Members

Matthew Skeels was voted a member of the club today. He is interested in tracking rockets using radar.

Hamfest Communications

Multiple members will be attending the Arast Winter Hamfest tomorrow, which opens at 8:00 am.

Drivers are encouraged to coordinate tomorrow morning on 146.97, PL 103.5, -600 kHz offset, and moving to simplex 147.570 for the rest of the drive.

Drivers are looking to leave by 7:30 am.

Building Antennas

Kevin will teach us how to build antennas! We expect to be able to build antennas on next saturday (the one after the Hamfest). Keep the day open if you want to build an antenna too. We can provide rides to those without cars.

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